TIGERS® Manager As Facilitator Training

Improve Cooperation Among Employees and Departments for High Performance Results

Facilitating High Performance Teams Does Not Evolve By Chance

Managers who are good facilitators bring people together to work toward solutions. As a result, groups accomplish more with high levels of commitment and accountability.

Facilitating group dynamics the right way creates buy-in and makes group process bearable by everyone.

  • Learn to facilitate in the correct order that most people think.
  • Learn strategies for reducing group conflict and restoring positive behavior that work groups support.
  • Learn to remove closely held positions so that good decision making is achieved with the highest levels of agreement.

TIGERS Managers As Facilitators offers 3 separate trainings. We release tools, resources and templates that streamline how groups perform. You will learn and apply expert group dynamic facilitation methods for decision-making, problem-solving and planning with in the training design.

What TIGERS® Manager As Facilitator™ Training Provides

  • A successful, research-based team development and facilitation system that is sustainable and grows with your departments and organization.
  • A reliable, systematic approach to team facilitation that continuously improves upon the way teams work.
  • A system that provides a foundation learning structure for your other work group and team development efforts.
  • Training outcomes that keep work groups engaged in goal achievement while developing leaders who effectively facilitate high commitment team decision-making and problem-solving.

TIGERS® 3-Part Manager Facilitation Training Overview

Training 1: TIGERS Team Wheel ™ Facilitation

This training is appropriate for department managers, team leaders, project managers, executives contemplating change initiates and for innovation team leaders.

Learn to facilitate group behavior norm agreements using the TIGERS Team Wheel Exercise.

When team behavior is poor or when you are building new teams and want to reduce conflict from the start, this training and re-usable resources produce successful results. The groups you facilitate will learn through an interactive process the behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems so your group norm agreements are reality-based and supported with emotional commitment.

The facilitation methods and best practices you learn create high levels of commitment and accountability. It is also the first step in creating cross-functional problem solving teams that minimize conflict and misunderstandings on new teams from the start. These tools and resources can also be re-purposed for on-boarding new employees onto existing teams and for correcting behavior that is leading to conflict and lost productivity in your organization.

Use this facilitation when training new supervisors and for high potential employees. This resource is compatible with DISK and other leadership assessments along with diversity and conflict resolution training you might already use.

In this 4-part, on-line and live conference call training, you receive:

  • Templates.
  • Facilitation resources.
  • Power point presentation.
  • E-book participant manuals that you can print on demand.
  • TIGERS hands-on problem- solving exercise.
  • Group norm agreement template.

This is a major piece of management facilitation training. If you are committed to building, facilitating and transforming teams for change management, innovation, complex company-wide problem-solving and workforce development initiatives, this training will start you off on the right foot.

We will also come to you when five or more employees are enrolled for this one-day event. We will also customize this training for you and use your own goals within the training design.

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Training 2: Advanced High Impact Group Facilitation Methods

This training is appropriate for executives, department managers, cross-functional team leaders, for leaders charged with change initiatives and high potential employees targeted for leadership and management positions.

In this two-day, hands-on training and practicum you learn to facilitate decision-making and planning groups for optimum buy-accountability, and planning execution outcomes.

This hands-on and highly interactive training practicum teachers you to:

  • Facilitate groups in the way people think.
  • Remove closely held positions so excellent group decision-making occurs.
  • Remove resistance from planning outcomes.
  • Remove the stigma of tedious group process.
  • Develop commitment and accountability for planning roll-out and execution.

We come to you when five or more employees are enrolled. We will also customize this training for you and use your own goals within the training design.

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Training 3: Cross-Functional, Company-Wide Change Team Facilitation

This training is appropriate for project managers, executives, department managers and employee change agents.

Learn how to build charters, you communication plan and facilitate change teams for successful change execution. Templates and training include 2-day, highly interactive, hands-on practicum.

We bring this training to you when five or more employees are enrolled. We also customize training for you and use your own goals within the training design. Your leadership team will accomplish real steps and expedite your planning timeline.

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What Graduates Have Said

“TIGERS framework syncs well with transparency across all roles in life, allowing one to proceed smoothly from family to career to community and back again without having to adjust one’s character and integrity in incongruous ways.” –Cris Mattoon, J.D.

“TIGERS Facilitation Training is not a one-off event. The skills, templates and resources are something I use over and over. It has helped me facilitate Executive Team decision-making and planning that is successful because of unanimous support and buy-in.” –Barbara Emmanuel, Sunswept Resorts