TIGERS Team Survey™

Bottom line: If your teams function better, it creates improvements company-wide

The TIGERS Team Survey™ is a web-based survey that allows your team leaders to cost effectively diagnose and reliably pinpoint the root causes of team challenges and strengths. Password protected, the TIGERS Team Survey™ gives your team members the confidence and privacy required to give you candid and reliable information for your workforce development and strategic training needs.

Survey results from your team’s completed TIGERS Team Survey™ are compiled into a concise and informative report and delivered to your survey administrator within minutes of your last team member’s input. Then up to six months to a year after you have completed an intervention or training, the TIGERS Team Survey’s post survey feature allows you to survey the same team again to monitor improvements with regard to trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.

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The information revealed by the TIGERS Team Survey™ takes all the guess work out of how to support your team while giving you an accurate, candid snapshot of team perceptions.

The TIGERS Team Survey™ helps you assess your team’s performance with new levels of precision.

And the TIGERS Team Survey™ helps you:

  1. Identify which collaborative values and supporting behaviors will immediately correct your team process to support the successful achievement of your organization’s values, mission and goals.
  2. Identify where to focus your attention, time and training budget to achieve high levels of team performance without the guesswork most teams face.
  3. Minimize the frustration and conflict good employees face when they do not know how to correct simple, common sense procedures
  4. Track and measure the improvements you make so that your group development progress is timely, sensible, easy to maintain and does not require painful change to implement

The TIGERS Team Survey™ passed a rigorous evaluation process and is both valid and reliable.
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