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TIGERS provides a series of powerful solutions to enable you to take the guesswork out of workforce development and create a effective work culture. It all starts with the TIGERS 6 Principles.

TIGERS 6 Principles™

Build a fiercely loyal and engaged organization while improving productivity and revenue. These are the outcome of the TIGERS® comprehensive six principles system.

Discovered in business, psychology and education group dynamic research, the TIGERS 6 Principles are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success. They enrich your own company vision, mission, and values while minimizing team conflict that results in relationship breakdown, employee disengagement and lowered productivity.

The TIGERS 6 Principles are anchored by behaviors that measurably support performance by enhancing cooperation among all employees at all levels of your organization. Independently evaluated twice for validity, the six TIGERS principles are predictors of behavior either by their inclusion or omission.

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The TIGERS 6 Principles™ Comprehensive System offers four solutions to enhance your workforce behavior goals.

1. Assessment – The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile measures the quality of the six principles required for high-performance department and work culture behavior. Our assessment system includes 3 surveys – a benchmark and two comparison surveys because we know sustainable change does not happen overnight.

  • Take the time you need for your workforce development initiatives to take hold before assessing your next steps.
  • Track important productivity improvements against your profit and loss statement to assess your return on investment.

Independently evaluated twice by Gonzaga University and the Washington State Education Association, The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile measures both company-wide behavior and individual department dynamics. Ensure that your workforce development strategies, leadership coaching and training are on target with sustainable, successful results.

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2. Weekly, subscription-based micro-training for all your employees

Once you have identified which of the six TIGERS principles will help you transform your department and work culture behavior from your TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ report, micro-training is available for all your employees.

Get all your employees on the same page with the same information and headed in the same direction with 52 micro-training segments.  Delivered to both hand held and computer station devices, your employees will receive four monthly micro-training segments every month twelve times during the year that build both skills and attitudes.  Complete with self-assessments, articles, tips and interactive activities, this training is designed for self-paced learning.  Use TIGERS 6 Principles micro-training to reinforce your managers and your own training and team interventions.

Then when you run your second and third profile assessments, select another principle to train on during that year.  Each of the six TIGERS principles – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success — has 52 weekly micro-trainings.

Your leaders can monitor employees to see who is completing their assignments. They can also use what is being learned for employee discussion to anchor the learning even further.   This micro-training is scaled to grow as your organization grows. The more employees you have, the less your micro-training unit cost is.

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3. Three Performance Management Trainings

Training one – Behavior Norms Facilitation Methods That Minimize Team Conflict and Maximize Team Performance for Seasoned and New Teams. Reusable tools and templates are included.

TIGERS® minimizes the time new teams spend in conflict and corrects behavior in more seasoned teams. Managers enrolled in this training learn:

  • How to facilitate your department or project team behavior agreements so your goals, roles and team relationships are successful. You will learn to build these agreements with your team for maximum accountability and buy-in.
  • How to use a tool that teaches employees the behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems. This resource teaches employees in a fun, hands-on and interactive way. It leaves employees with both intellectual and emotional learning that does not fade away after the training ends.
  • How to correct team-identified behavior problems that your employees support. This takes the burden of issue-by-issue team correction off the backs of managers and actually frees them to get more managerial work done.

The templates and tools you receive are also reusable without further licensing fees. Reuse one tool for onboarding new employees so they understand your culture and behavior agreements. Use another tool every time you form a new team for problem-solving or decision-making initiatives. This training is compatible with DISC and the diversity and conflict resolution training you might already use

We bring this training to you when 5 or more employees are enrolled.

Training two – Facilitation Methods for Maximum Team Buy-in for Group Decision-making. Reusable templates and forms are included.

Managers who are good facilitators bring people together to work through solutions to problems. As a result, workgroups accomplish more with high levels of commitment and accountability.  In this training you learn:

  • How to facilitate successful consensus even if people have closely held ideas.
  • How to facilitate your group’s decision-making process in the way people learn and think for maximum commitment to outcomes.
  • How to apply a systematic approach to problem-solving so your team is accountable for outcomes.

The forms and templates you receive with this training may be used repeatedly.  This training is important for seasoned, new and high potential employees tapped for leadership. 

We also customize this training and bring it to you when 8 or more employees are enrolled so that real work is guided and accomplished during training delivery.

Training three – Building and Facilitating Cross-Functional Problem-solving Teams.  Reusable tools, templates and forms are included.

Both the Harvard Business Review and Gallup stress that over 60% new teams fail. In this training we teach your managers how to launch cross-functional problem-solving teams to resolve complex problems with all the failure traps identified and strategies put in place to avoid them.  In this training you will:

  • Create strategies to avoid the main reasons cross-functional, problem-solving teams fail.
  • Learn how to avoid project creep and to keep leaders informed.
  • Learn how to assign tasks that compliment team member strengths and maintain high performance team behavior.

We also customize this training and bring it to you when 8 or more employees are enrolled so that real work is guided and accomplished during training delivery.

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4. Strategic Planning and Consulting Services

There are many reasons to hire a consultant, from providing guidance on a project to performing a specific task. Sometimes a business discovers it can save thousands of dollars by hiring a consultant rather than hiring a full-time employee with similar depth of experience.  As a Consultant, TIGERS is an unbiased third party that facilitates decision-making, planning and team development.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Change management planning to assist you in your pre-change initiatives.
  • Team and partnership coaching.
  • Customized team development.

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