Working Together: Producing Synergy

Working Together:
Diversity As Opportunity

Dianne Crampton, Co-Author.

Recognize Diversity as a Rich Resource Not an Obstacle to Growth

A stellar array of contributors, including such well-known figures as Riane Eisler, Norman Lear and Dianne Crampton, bring a variety of perspectives to establish on central theme: diversity is an advantage to be utilized – not a problem to be solved. Themselves representing a wide range of cultural, national, and vocational perspectives, the contributors examine how diversity creates new possibilities for working together on our projects, in our organizations, and in our lives. Working Together reveals diversity as a rich resource to meet the challenges of our times, an unparalleled opportunity to bring together a multiplicity of gifts for a common purpose.

“The marvelous anthology before you virtually swells with insight and wisdom as some of today’s top minds come together in the common cause of unity and hope that a world so diverse can learn to truly value and embrace its differences. “

 Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

“A truly timely, inspirational book by a striking line-up of writers.”

— Max DuPree, author and Chairman Emeritus, Herman Miller, Inc.

“Offers insights into building enriched, inclusive communities within the workplace and beyond.”

—Ann DeBusk, Executive Director, American Leadership Forum, Silicon Valley

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