Six values for a successful team culture
TIGERS Team Wheel Game
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Six values for a successful team culture
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Six values for a successful team culture
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Six values for a successful team culture
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TIGERS Team Wheel Group Facilitation And Team Building Activities

From start to finish, an experienced TIGERS facilitator will guide your team to successfully identify and solve team work issues in one-day or two-day leadership team building retreats.

TIGERS Team Wheel Facilitator 

For over two decades, TIGERS Success Series founder, Dianne Crampton, has facilitated single and multi-day retreats for organizations such as Costco, AT&T, and Boeing with overwhelming, sustainable success. Through her innovative leadership team building activities,  team building exercises and leadership training programs, Dianne has given these companies and many other organizations the resources to thrive in any economic climate by building a scalable team work culture.

Pre-event preparation removes the guesswork and improves transference for improved team work 

Through employee interviews and surveys conducted before the retreat, the TIGERS facilitator will have an understanding of the issues unique to your organization. The interviews and surveys are designed to:

  • Measure department and organizational strengths and areas to build upon
  • Reveal  systems in need of strengthening
  • Remove guesswork from underlying team relationship issues
  • Build a customized approach to team work problem resolution

TIGERS Team Wheel™ team building game kicks-off your retreat and reveals team work opportunities in a fun, hands-on and highly engaging way …

TIGERS Team Wheel Game Pieces

The TIGERS Team Wheelteam building game is an instrumental team building exercise and leadership-training tool for newly forming teams and for more mature teams that are experiencing poor cooperation and conflict. Meeting all standards and best practices of instructional training design, the game cuts short the stage of team growth called “storming” that is often plagued by confusion, misunderstandings, and conflict.


The TIGERS Team Wheel™ team building game opens the lines of communication among teams to discuss achievable goals of:

  • Encouraging wiser team decision making
  • Improving employee morale, engagement and increased talent retention
  • Building employee accountability for achieving goals and team success
  • Building employee commitment for contributing to beneficial team behavior
  • Revealing leadership skill sets
  • Removing chaos from team work
  • Creating a sense of belonging and commitment to the company
  • Resolving team conflict

Like our other effective team building activities, the TIGERS Team Wheel™ game cuts to the root issues facing your team…and along the way…creates a culture of respect that builds loyalty, commitment, collaboration, and human resource stability for your organization. The game is compatible with other training and development tools your organization may already be using. 

Debrief after the TIGERS® Team Wheel™ Game is key to revealing underlying core issues and unlocking your organization’s attainable goals

Team Debriefing After Playing TIGERS Team Wheel Game

A licensed and certified TIGERS facilitator keeps the content of team discussions on track to ensure outcomes that are successful for collaborative team work by:

  • Initiating discussions with powerful coaching questions
  • Encouraging strategic action planning among team members
  • Initiating progress toward team work planning
  • Prompting accountability and ownership for success among team members
  • Developing a customized process with step by step directives toward achieving workable goals
  • Focusing efforts and organizational resources on team work areas in need of strengthening
  • Getting to the core of underlying issues quickly and in a non-confrontational way
  • Bringing teams together through conflict resolution
  • Improving communication and team consensus building

Resolve conflict, improve team cohesion, and retain valuable team members

Unresolved team conflict often leads to valuable team members asking for a transfer or worse…resigning. Fulfilling employees’ desires to belong and giving them the opportunity to succeed is instrumental to the long term success of your organization. The facilitation process creates a team work environment that minimizes competition, improves communication, and discovers leadership skills.

How to bring TIGERS into your organization

  1. Choose the TIGERS one-day onsite facilitation and have a TIGERS facilitator customize and co-create the retreat from start to finish.
  2. Choose the TIGERS two-day facilitation retreat and include Action Planning Facilitation for your core team members.  When objectivity and clear thinking is important to your short and long-term planning goals, selecting a skilled TIGERS facilitator is but a phone call away.
  3. Become Licensed and Certified so that you can build new teams, improve existing teams and improve your team work culture company-wide.