Guide Millennials with Leadership Team Building

me to weAs Millennials, also known as Gen Y employees (18-33 year olds), enter the workforce, leaders and organizations are forced to change their strategies to manage this new generation. According to The Hartford’s 2014 Millennial Leadership Survey, Millennials strive to become leaders within five years, and organizations can help them achieve this goal by utilizing leadership team building activities and team project initiatives.

“The Hartford’s research has consistently shown Gen Y is a giant generation of go-getters who want to take charge but also yearn for training and mentoring,” said Lindsey Pollak, workplace expert and author. “Millennials are expected to comprise a majority of the U.S. workforce by 2020, which makes leadership development a critical issue for organizations large and small.”

According to the… Continue reading

Team Building Certification, Licensing and Other Options for Millennials and Baby Boomers

who moved my cheeseDuring times of economic strife, industries are forced to change with the times if they want to survive the changing climate. Every generation is forced to handle the changing climate, and both Millennials and Baby Boomers have responded by seeking team building certification, licensing, franchising and other options to secure their futures.

According to The Entrepreneur’s Source, the leading coaching network for career and franchise businesses, both Millennials and Baby Boomers are seeking alternative work options and embracing entrepreneurial aspirations through franchising options.

“While Baby Boomers are known for being goal-oriented and independent, their Millennial counterparts have become known for their innovation and drive,” said Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “What we’ve seen in recent years is these two generations complementing each other’s… Continue reading

Avoid Common Leadership Mistakes by Utilizing Leadership Team Building

two men wrestling with armsBeing a leader can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you are new to the role. Making mistakes is human nature, but by utilizing leadership team building activities and external team building  events, new leaders can learn from and avoid common leadership team development mistakes.

With so many articles written on the subject, you are sure to come across long lists of mistakes to avoid. The following articles offer valuable insights into a few of the common mistakes new (and seasoned) leaders make: Mistakes Leaders Make: Showing Off Your Smarts , Mistakes Leaders Make: Alienating People by Winning Too Much , and Mistakes Leaders Make: Playing Favorites .

The following list offers insights into mistakes to avoid while striving to become a better… Continue reading

The Unexpected Role Emotional Intelligence Plays in Leadership Team Building

iStock_000005932499success puzzel piecel[1]For organizations that want to identify and train potential leaders, leadership team building activities should be their first step toward success. While identifying your best leaders, keep in mind that past career experience and training is only one piece of the puzzle.

According to research highlighted by Korn Ferry, a well-known executive search firm, women out rated men in overall competencies, with the exception of confidence, for senior-level leadership positions. The women, however, lacked the same career experiences as their male counterparts, giving men an advantage toward promotions to senior levels within organizations.

“What women are missing are the experiences that their male counterparts seek out during mid-level and business unit level roles,” said J. Evelyn Orr, senior director of the Korn Ferry… Continue reading

Include Leadership Team Building Events in your Organization to Promote Effective Leaders

who moved my cheeseIf you are new to a leadership or management role, there are many tips you can follow to make the most of your new role. Leadership team building events, seminars and workshops are essential for your organization to get everyone on the same page to be effective leaders, including new and potential leaders.

Management articles are plentiful, and this article references the following articles: 10 Tips For First-Time Supervisors , Let your stars shine: Why your team needs a coach, not a manager, and New Manager Checklist: 5 Things You Need to Know About Being a Good Leader.

New managers may feel overwhelmed in their new roles, but with these tips, they can become effective leaders for their organizations.

Seek feedback and ask… Continue reading

The Important Role Your Company’s Culture Plays in Effective Team Building

Team building is one of the top strategies for successful execution of tasks, goals, changes and more within your organization, but your company’s culture is the foundation for these activities to be effective. Because culture is so essential for success, ranks companies based on their culture and values. allows employees to provide unsolicited comments and reviews for organizations across all industries, and it bases its ratings on employee opinions regarding the work environment, as well as the approval ratings of CEOs. Job satisfaction, company culture, work-life balance, corporate values, compensation and benefits are also included in the ratings.

There are many other articles written on the importance of company culture, and this article references the following articles: 3 Subtle Ways to Create a… Continue reading

Team Building Activities Increase Productivity and Reduce Employee Stress

man drinking coffee]Employee stress in the workplace can be a productivity killer, and it reduces employee enjoyment as well. As a leader in the workplace, you benefit from working toward creating a productive environment for your employees. Using team building activities to reduce employee stress just might be the ticket to creating a unified workplace.

Workplace stress is not a new. Several well-written articles offer suggestions for employees to reduce their workplace stress. This article references the following articles: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work, 10 Work Stress Reduction Tips, 7 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout, and Your work-life balance hangs in these four quadrants.

Stress in the workplace may not be completely avoidable, but by utilizing team-building activities and… Continue reading

Meetings Are A Team Building Activity CEOs Shouldn’t Ignore

Time conceptAre team meetings a waste of time? To some they are if nothing is accomplished. While team meetings are an important team building activity, all too often they are mismanaged resulting in time and productivity losses.
It doesn’t have to be that way.  However, if team meetings are not improved from the top down, accountability suffers.
According to recent time management studies conducted by Bain and Associates, top executives lose thousands of hours each year responding to email and sitting in unproductive meetings, and the losses snowball through their organizations – simply because companies do not track and monitor employee time as tightly as any other resource, such as capital.
Bain’s research finds that 15 percent of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings,… Continue reading

Becoming a Better Leader: A noble goal for all levels of leadership

Reaching goalsNo matter your level of leadership or how long you’ve been in your position, it is important for all leaders to strive to become a better leader. Different personalities respond to leadership styles differently, and learning how to address issues individually is an essential skill for leaders. While leaders can’t please everyone all the time, consistently striving to be a better leader and learning how to deal with different employees can go a long way in successfully running your organization. This article provides several useful strategies to help you become a better leader.

Business publications are constantly distributing articles related to becoming a better leader. While there are many great articles to choose from, this article focuses on five that feature helpful information: The 9… Continue reading

Hiring Millennials To Fit Your Existing Teams with Effective Team Buiding Activities

me to weDo you know how to hire right so that new employees — specifically Millennials — fit your existing teams like a glove?  If not, would it matter to you if a solution landed in your lap?  These and other questions some leaders ask all point to effective team building activities that help you decide before you hire an employee if they are the right fit for your organization — or not.

But it is one thing to select the right candidates. The other consideration is how you craft the candidate experience.

This year, the candidate experience – and the increasing value it provides for a company – took center stage at Simply Hired’s Innovation in Recruitment Forum. The invitation-only event assembled more than 100 recruiting… Continue reading

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