Management Team Building to Gain Employee Trust

Fotolia_19664439_XSIt is my belief at TIGERS Success Series that an organization’s employees are its number one asset. It is also my belief that this wonderful asset has been de-appreciated to the point of high turnover, low engagement and trouble in recruiting and retaining talented people who have the capacity to help organizations thrive and grow.

At the same time, for any organization to operate effectively, employees must show up, be productive and care about their positions. It is also important that they know how the work they perform impacts the organization’s bottom line. Therefore, in order to close the gap between these two primary business initiatives, producing a work environment that promotes happy, productive employees hinges on developing a culture of trust. Employee trust in… Continue reading

Leadership Team Building to Fill the Gaps in Project Management

good employee attitudeA new year means new lists, and ESI International, the leading project management training company, has released its 2015 list of top 10 trends for project management. Changing climates and increasing demands for talent management can leave a gap between job expectations and the realities of working with teams, which can leave managers in need of leadership team building activities and training.

“All too often people talk about strategy and execution independently,” said Mark Bashrum, ESI VP of Marketing and Strategic Intelligence. “In the coming year we will see a heightened focus on managing the critical links connecting the two, as more organizations begin to view strategic execution as a core discipline.”

The top 10 project management trends for 2015 include:

  1. Leaders will manage the… Continue reading

Leadership Team Building Tips to Become a Better Leader

two men wrestling with armsNew and seasoned leaders alike always have room for improvement, and with some leadership team building tips, any leader can improve, which is a win for leaders, organizations, and their employees.

Becoming a better leader should always be a goal, no matter how long you have held the title. With so many tips available, this article references the following articles that offer skills every leader should possess: The Overlooked, Completely Obvious Secret to Being a Good Boss, 6 Counterintuitive Ways to Become a Better Leader, and The Unspoken Leadership Skill You Need to Survive.

Follow some of the leadership team building tips listed below to become a more productive and effective leader for your team members.

Know how to do your employees’… Continue reading

For Success, Leadership Transparency is Vital

iStock_000005932499success puzzel piecel[1]The 19th annual federal CFO Survey conducted by AGA in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP is in, and according to participants, declining budgets, recruitment and retention and a range of financial management crises are key risks for an organization’s success. Risk management, analytics, leadership transparency, shared services and workforces were the five major themes that emerged from the 2014 CFO Survey, and in all areas, participants believed that leadership transparency was vital. This year’s results also show a greater acceptance of the mandate to accelerate adoption of shared services.

“It’s encouraging that CFOs embrace the continual expansion of transparency expectations,” said Ann M. Ebberts, AGA Chief Executive Officer. “They agree shared services and the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) will help agencies improve… Continue reading

Promote a Culture of Belonging through Corporate Team Building

blue-handshake-puzzleThe results of the Globoforce  2014 UK and Ireland Workforce Mood Tracker survey are in, and the survey found that organizations that encourage a sense of belonging  and workplace friendships among employees enjoy higher employee retention rates and engagement. Through corporate team building tactics, leaders can foster these relationships among their employees.

“This year’s survey shows that organizations would benefit greatly from celebrating their employees’ dedication to the company, as well as the strong bonds people form while at work,” said Derek Irvine, vice president of customer consulting and strategy at Globoforce. “While many may claim that they do not have friends at work, perhaps if they were given the opportunity to see the impact they have made on their colleagues, their opinion would differ.”… Continue reading

Implement Team Building Strategies for Effective Meetings

Time conceptMeetings are regularly held within organizations across all industries, and they are a good way to communicate goals and share ideas with team members. But ineffective meetings lead to a loss of productivity, costing your organization valuable time and money. With a few team building strategies, you can increase the effectiveness of your meetings.

Sharing information is essential for your organization’s success, and one way to do that is through meetings. The following articles offer some team building strategies for effective meetings within your organization: 10 Reasons Why Effective Meetings Are So Important, 5 Ways to Make Meetings Work for You and Your Team and Principles for Effective Meetings.

Meetings are a great way to share information through all levels of leadership within… Continue reading

Closing the Gender Gap with Leadership Team Building Initiatives

group of womenThe gender gap is the difference between the number of men and women in leadership roles, as well as how they are perceived in those roles. Men hold a disproportionate number of leadership roles in many industries, but there are many team building initiatives that you can implement to start to close the gap.

Closing the gender gap is a complex issue, and there are many articles written on the subject. This article references the following articles: Why Women are Better Managers than Men, The Gender Divide and the Traits of Effective Leadership: Who Comes Out on Top?, Closing the Gender Divide: Why Confidence and Leaning In Alone Won’t Cut It, and A Hackathon Designed By Women, For Women, To Solve The… Continue reading

Team Building Ideas to Inspire Millennials in the Workplace

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With Millennials entering the workforce, it is imperative to learn what makes this new generation of employees tick, what is going to keep them wanting to work for your organization, year after year, and what team building ideas you should implement now to garner the most success in the future.

Finding team building ideas to engage and inspire employees is a widely explored topic, and the TIGERS Success Series explored the topic in March 2014 with the article, Employee Benefits Program “Dream Manager” is Revolutionary Among Team Building Ideas. Along with the following articles from other sources, this article offers some insights and team building ideas for leaders on keeping team members satisfied within your organization: Hired Today, Gone Tomorrow,… Continue reading

Effective Mediation Strategies for Managers

Guest Contributor to the TIGERS Den, MICHAEL D. LANG, J.D.

Fotolia_8452036_XSTwo weeks ago you assigned a project to Anne and Hank; it is due in 4 days. They will be evaluated on the overall project, without considering their individual contributions. Anne comes to you with the following complaint about Hank:

She completed her portion (the power point slides) last week; Hank hasn’t done a thing (the financial reports). Anne has repeatedly reminded Hank about the deadline. Their pieces need to be combined into a single presentation. Hank’s response to these frequent reminders ranges from ignoring Anne to shutting his office door in her face.

Every day as a manager you confront conflicts such as the one involving Hank and Anne. How do you handle these… Continue reading


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