Team Building Activities Reduce Workplace Incivility

Businessmen holding hands and feet to bridge cliffsTempers flare when a weekly sales quota doesn’t get met….

An employee is told to comprise their standards – maybe fudge some numbers or overlook a quality control issue…..

A manager takes credit for an employee’s hard work…

All instances of workplace incivility? Absolutely! According to the eighth National Business Ethics Survey (NBES), 41 percent of over 6,400 workers surveyed said they have observed misconduct on the job. Believe it or not, this number is down from 55 percent in 2007. For business consultants, team building coaches, and facilitators engaged in corporate team building, these numbers are still way too high! So take a look at team building activities that reduce workplace incivility.

With the economy on the uptick from a long and arduous recession,… Continue reading

Are Companies Acting in Line with Their Values?

The challengeBosses are trying to rally disengaged employees as their companies limp out of the recession.

Employees want to fire their bosses or quit.

Short term leadership decisions that punted thousands of employees into unemployment lines without regard  to refilling the ranks is now coming back to haunt boards of directors.

Leaders are scratching their heads wondering where they are going to find qualified people to fill evolving information jobs while there are not enough capable  welders to stick their ideas together.

The times — they are changing.

A study released by Hill+Knowlton Strategies shows that businesses in America – and around the world – are struggling to communicate something the company calls “character”: the interaction between brand, reputation and behavior. The study examined how consumers… Continue reading

Create a Positive Working Environment with Leadership Training Games

climbinglatterWhile you cannot always have a positive working environment, you will find that the more positive you are within your organization, the more positive and productive your employees will be. And by creating a positive work environment, you will also enjoy a higher employee retention rate. One way to create a positive working environment is by utilizing leadership training games and team building activities.

There are many ways to create a positive working environment for your employees, and the following articles offer many helpful suggestions on the subject: Building a High-Trust Culture #2: Invest in Respect, Creating a Company Culture of Joy, Creating and Keeping a Positive Company Culture, and Putting Employees Before Customers.

A positive working environment is extremely important… Continue reading

Leveraging Organizational Culture for Success

-time-is-moneyGuest post by Rob Peters

Click To Download The Info-graphic Doc21 

A 2013 Booz & Company study, Culture’s Role in Enabling Organizational Change by DeAnne Aguirre, Rutger von Post, and Micah Alpern analyzes the results of a survey of 2,200 executives, managers, and employees from a broad range of companies across the world.  This research sheds light on current perceptions of organizational culture.

This study shows a widespread belief that organizational culture is a key element of company success. For example, as the authors report, Eighty-six percent of C-level executives and 84 percent of all managers and employees say culture is critical to their organizations’ success, and 60 percent see it as a bigger success factor than either their strategy or their operating model.  Business leaders require a framework for… Continue reading

Recovering the Powers of Positive Possibilities – Ideas and Anchors for The Leadership Art of Reframing

scott simmerman 1Research shows that new hires rather quickly lose that initiative and spark and that they generally regress to the average morale of the group within a short period of time (Sirota Research, 2010). In other words, they had that motivation and they lost it because of how they were managed!

So, let’s talk about Recovery. If you step back from the wagon, you will see that this illustration both represents how things really work in most organizations and that it represents a whole big bunch of issues and opportunities.

Many Round Wheels are already in the wagon, so one key to identifying the issues is simple:

 Don’t Just DO Something. Stand there!

scott simmerman 2



In haiku, it might read something like this:

So, this… Continue reading

Engaging Fiscally Conservative Millennials Requires Strategic Corporate Team Building

Spend thrifty?

A recent quarterly UBS Investor Watch report reveals that Millennials (individuals between the ages of 21-36) are surprisingly the most financially conservative generation since the Great Depression era. This is probably good to know for your corporate team building strategies. The report also reveals that this group of enterprising individuals shatters all stereotypes of entitlement. These hard-working and enterprising individuals aren’t afraid to define success as an intricate balance of money, healthy relationships, and enriching experiences. So how do these findings transfer to the workplace? Are today’s CEOs ready and “willing” to engage a workplace full of millennials by providing strong, interactive leadership and team building skills?

A vast majority of millennials in the study (69%) believe that to achieve… Continue reading

4 Team Building Ideas For Improving Team Interdependence

uparrwowWhen you are looking for team building ideas for improving team interdependence, imagine stumbling across this conversation:

“Hey Bob, I’m thinking of starting a baseball team.”

“Great! I know a few guys who are really good and would love to play.”

“Nope. I am playing all positions – catcher, pitcher, short stop, outfield….you name it!”


Everyone knows this is an absurd scenario, so why is this archaic type of thinking still so prevalent in the workplace? When you don’t have a workforce that works together, interdependence and collaboration is all but nonexistent and failure ensues…this includes individuals, organizational departments, and the company as a whole.

So what does interdependence mean? It is where members of a group or team share common goals and know that working… Continue reading

Future Work Environments Encourage Team Building and Cooperation

collaborationIt’s a Monday morning in the year 2020 and employees are strolling into work with their cup of coffee. A solar-powered fiber optic ceiling fluctuates in color and intensity, thermally active furniture offer touch screen capabilities, and workspace layouts accommodate multi-functional purposes. Sound far-fetched?


The near future promises office spaces and work areas where employee comfort and health take precedence and allows for the natural progression of corporate team building.

A recent architectural design competition, Workplace of the Future, sponsored through Business Interiors by Staples and Metropolis magazine of architecture challenged architects, designers, and industry professionals to “reimagine” the work place of the future. They applied elements of natural and artificial lighting, furniture design and placement, and technology advancements to create a… Continue reading

Corporate Team Building Efforts Damaged by Unfair Pay Practices

Have you ever heard a conversation of this nature around the company “water cooler?”

“Guess what I just found out.”


“I’m getting paid less than Joe in my department and I’m doing the same job!”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Start looking for another job.”, the premier global online employment solution leader, recently conducted a poll regarding unfair pay practices. They asked the question, “What would you do if you found out you were being paid unfairly?” Votes were cast by site visitors and revealed that many employees would confront their bosses and ask for a raise. However, just as many employees would not only ask for that coveted raise, but would also start looking for another job. Leadership and… Continue reading

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