uparrwowDo Your Friends and Clients Want A Collaborative Work Culture That Employees Love Coming to On Monday Mornings?

Do the business owners you know want more cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments for improved revenue?

Do The Leaders You Know Want to Grow Their  Organizations with a Team of Employees That Want To Succeed As Much As They Do?
Are Your Friends and Colleagues Team Building Trainers, Coaches, Consultants or Managers Looking For Royalty-Free Resources That Build High Performance and Loyal Teams?

 For entrepreneurs with friends and clients who are business owners or leaders:

At TIGERS Success Series, we feel honored to help your friends and clients with a very valuable team development program that has served committed leaders and their teams in both the public and private sector for more than 20 years.

Here’s how our affiliate partners benefit from working with TIGERS…

  • Your friends and clients get excellent support with important issues facing their teams
  • Your friends and clients experience less conflict, employee turnover, and disruptive team behaviors, which up to now has made it difficult for them to grow their organizations to the level they have wanted to
  • Your friends and clients get fast results so they truly appreciate your referral
  • You receive the satisfaction knowing your referral made a huge difference not only for your friends and clients but also for their employees
  • Your friends and clients learn and deploy important group dynamic and leadership skills in their organization, which can help them become one of the best places to work for
  • Your friends and clients experience less worry because their teams want to win, they are motivated and accountable
  • Your friends and clients can access award-winning tools that build teams remarkably fast (there is a reason why these tools were nominated by Merrill Lynch for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards)
  • Your friends and clients make up their own minds so you don’t have to sell them anything

Everybody Wins…

Team interactions focused on maximum cooperation and collaboration between employees, departments and customers are one of the most sought after solutions for team builders and  business owners who want to stem the flow of high turnover and low motivation in the workplace.  At TIGERS Success Series, our intention is to make our collaboration a huge benefit for everyone involved.

A victory for your clients: They can achieve certification in our award winning model.

A victory for YOU: You feel good because your clients and friends are succeeding AND you receive generous affiliate revenues on sales you refer. TIGERS offers a 30% commission on most of our educational products and group programs. Plus you receive ideas and training from us on social network marketing strategies. Some of these ideas could work for your own business, too.

A victory for TIGERS: We get to work with more team culture leaders and team builders who are committed and who can have a favorable  impact on the families of employees for generations. Many of the organizations we helped to build are now offering jobs to their employee’s children. There is a reason why employees like these and their families have found job security in the companies we have helped build. And we are teaching licensed trainers, coaches, managers and consultants to do the same. When people love where they work and know how what they do makes a difference our communities become more stable. At the heart of it, that is why I have championed TIGERS for over two decades.

Join Our Team TIGERS Affiliate Tribe…

Here’s an opportunity to partner by spreading the word about TIGERS Success Series. Just click on the link below and fill out the registration form.

Then you’ll get a few important emails, which include:

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All of the materials will be tracked with your custom referral link so we can see where our new website visitors are coming from. Our team also carefully tracks our referrals on the backend. We want to make sure our affiliate tribe members are well taken care of!


Insights Invaluable To Entrepreneurs”
“Dianne Crampton offers clarity and has provided a plan that demystified the elusive ingredients of winning team cultures – those ingredients that, until now, has prevented many good people from creating great organizations.”

Larry Broughton, Founder and CEO of Broughton Hospitality, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® and NaVOBA Vetrepreneur® of the Year



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If you like what you’ve seen so far or you’ve experienced the benefits of TIGERS Success Series programs, we invite you to reach out to your friends.  

For entrepreneurs with friends and clients who are business owners or leaders:

You probably know many other leaders with employees, consultants, trainers, coaches, counselors, educators and facilitators who would thank you for helping them become more successful. In fact, they probably WANT more support but don’t know where to find it.

That’s where you come in! We’d like to thank YOU for sharing both our valuable programs and complimentary offerings. We would love to share revenues with you on any sales you refer from a friend or client who comes to a free event and then decides on their own to purchase something later. And, we share ideas on referral marketing that is easy to replicate and drop into your social networks or a personal e-mail so you don’t have to spend hours writing something when you don’t have to. We invest in copywriters who help us help you.

When you join our Affiliate TIGERS Team Tribe, you’ll get a few important emails that show you in simple steps how to spread the word. You’ll share information on valuable content that people really appreciate.
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We are looking forward to sharing revenues with you.


Dianne Crampton,
TIGERS Success Series

I certify consultants with royalty-free resources and help leaders build teams of employees who love the company as much as they do.

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Violators will be removed from our affiliate program immediately and commissions will NOT be paid. We are not responsible for inaccurate claims made by affiliate members.