Thriving as a successful and collaborative work team.

  • Are you a leader looking for a proven system for assessing and delivering sustainable and on-target team building activities for new and seasoned teams that improve team work, collaboration and team relationships with significant and measurable outcomes?
  • Do you have a confident understanding of your business but are not thriving as a successful organization with engaged and committed employees?
  • Are you uncertain how to improve employee engagement, and cooperation between employees and departments so that you keep your top performers and lower your operating costs?
  • Are you looking for team building activities that offer you real improved team work right away and with sustainable results a year or two from now?

We  help team development specialists build engaged and committed work teams using our proprietary TIGERS® team development process and award wining team building activities.

TIGERS is comprised of 6 research-based team principles that anchor collaboration and cooperation

TIGERS diagram

TIGERS® is anchored by common sense behaviors your employees will stand behind. These behaviors improve team relationships and  can be tracked resulting in high levels of team collaboration and success. TIGERS takes all the guess work out of your team building activities, team work and team development efforts by identifying and leveraging positive human behavior and your team’s strengths.

To achieve an effective, engaged and cooperative team work  environment, TIGERS® Success Series offers the following resources:

  • TIGERS Certification with Royalty-Free Licensing
  • Customized Interactive Team Building Activities
  • Team Consensus and Action Planning Facilitation
  • Team Assessment
  • Partnering and Team Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development Consulting

Discover the team culture secrets of 4 respected industry moguls and how they reaped the rewards of optimum performance.
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Website Team Certification and licensing

Become a licensed and certified TIGERS Team Development expert. This turn-key system offers a full suite of team development resources from assessment to action planning and an award winning, catalytic team building activity!          Learn More >

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